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La MECCANICA PADANA S.R.L. is one of the most experienced manufacturer of Special Fittings for Pipelines, Petro-Chemical and Urea plants since 1954.

Standard production consists of liners, e.g. Spectacle blinds, blanks, spacers, drip rings.
Additional products include Orifice Plates, Venturis, Injection Quills, Carbamate Mixers and Ejectors.
The company as also the ability to perform cladding/ weld overlay.

La Meccanica Padana sells its product all over the world according to the strict requests of its Italian and international clients.
Thanks to its flexible structure, La Meccanica Padana is able to satisfy different requests about required pieces for each order and about a wide range of materials.

The quality of the finished products and their on time deliveries (for short and long terms) are our main activities objectives.
La Meccanica Padana's production is designed for the following areas:
- Petrochemical Industry
- Urea/Fertilizer Industry
- Gas

Main materials used are the following:
- Carbon steel
- Stainless Steel
- Nickel alloys
- Duplex/Superduplex
- Urea grades
- Copper Nickel
- Titanium

For the Fertilizer Industry La Meccanica Padana produces fitting in exotic materials, especially for high pressure or high corrosion plants (316L modified & 25.22.2). pieces produced are for example lens gaskets, stub ends, threaded nozzles, etc.
The company can elaborate constructive drawings on international standards as well as special pieces (not standard) according to our client’s requirements.

The above pictures are reproduced with permission from La Meccanica Padana
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