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Established in 1949, in Milan, Italy, Raccortubi started out as a stockist and distributor of fittings in various types of steel.
In 2008, approaching the company’s 60th anniversary, Raccortubi moved to its new operating site of Marcallo con Casone, near Milan. The new location granted it an enhanced stock capacity, meaning that it always has over 6,000 items available for immediate delivery. These include pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges in almost all diameters and thicknesses, in stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, superaustenitics and nickel alloys. The warehouse’s dimensions and wide product availability represent the Group’s fulcrum and forte. Many renowned customers consider the extensive stock a decisive factor in their selection of Raccortubi as supplier.

What makes Raccortubi Group stand out on the market is its capacity to effectively combine stockholding and manufacturing activities to provide its customers with the sought-after solution. The huge Raccortubi stock of pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges works two-fold. It offers the client ex-stock materials which already adhere to the most stringent market requirements, whilst supplying the Tecninox production with readily-available raw material. This in turn enables it to manufacture cost-efficient, high-quality butt weld fittings, in accordance with specific customer needs, to short timescales. Since Tecninox is completely integrated within the Group, customers have a single point of contact in Raccortubi for both the ex-stock and manufacturing requirements.
The above pictures are reproduced with permission from Raccortubi Group
From Oil & Gas to EPC, from offshore platforms to shipbuilding industries, customers turn to Raccortubi Group thanks to its client focus. The trust it has gained over the course of its sixty-five year history enables it to participate in large tenders and orders with high industrial profiles. The personalization of orders in line with customer requirements grants the client additional value. Benefits include the speed of the service, the integrated production, the wide range of stock and the technical competence.

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