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SPECTACular BLIND® is a patent pending system designed by La Meccanica Padana.
A new way to Easy and Quick Change Spectacle blinds mounted on the pipeline.

When the spectacle blinds need to be rotated frequently, considering also high costs of plant shutdown, this solution enable to support operators and maintenance technicians permitting a quick and safety changing procedure in opening and closing the line.
The SPECTACular BLIND will be installed on WN standard flanges and can be adapted on all pipelines.
The installation is very easy and operations are very fast!

Special stud bolts, properly dimensioned, grant the sealing function of the gasket in the process conditions.
Acting on these stud bolts, the flanges automatically moves away and the operator can easily rotate the spectacle blind.
To ensure safety of the operator the spectacle blind is hinged to a stud bolt which works as a pivot for the rotation of the spectacle blind and avoid its fall.
The gaskets to be mounted is proposed according to process conditions and client’s requirements.
The system foresee to use both standard spiral wound gaskets and o-ring gaskets.

Main Advantages of SPECTACular BLIND

It is the most competitive solution
It can be ordered as a full system including flanges for a new project or as a retrofit kit for already mounted pipeline just to be installed on existing flanges without changing them
It is time saving for the opening/closing operations on the pipeline
It needs just one worker and one tool to perform the operations
It increases the work safety preventing incidental rotations of spectacle blind


WN FLANGES and SPECTACLE BLIND can be ordered in all common used materials (Carbon Steels, Low Alloys, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, etc…)
GASKETS: the type of gasket can be proposed for specific process and application.

Available Sizes

The above pictures are reproduced with permission from La Meccanica Padana
   Two Bolt Solution    Three Bolts Solution
   Pressure Class 150    2" and 3"    From 4" up to 12"
   Pressure Class 300    2" and 3"    From 4" up to 12"
   Pressure Class 600    N.A.    From 2" up to 12"
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